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Decorate your home with seasonal decorations

Want to give your interior a new look every now and then without having to replace all your furniture? Then seasonal decoration might be a perfect solution for you! By changing a few accessories every few months, you’ll have a new ambiance in your home every time. in this article you’ll read how to style your home according to the season.

Spring and Easter

The cold months are coming to an end, the sun is up in the sky for longer, and the flowers are shooting out of the ground. Spring is an incredibly happy time of year! And it's all about Easter! Pastel shades, chocolate eggs, decorated flower bulbs: people are decorating their hearts out! Besides these Easter decorations, you can also change your home accessories to bring the fresh spring feeling  into your home. More flowers in the house, pastel-colored vases or rugs and fresh flowers and plants in the garden quickly create a whole new look in your home!

Summer atmospheres in and around your home

Once summer is in full swing, you’ll want to bring this sunny season into your home. Brighten up your home with fresh flowers, light colors and cheerful patterns. Think of bright pillows! With the warm weather outside, you can also open your garden or balcony doors more often. This way, outside and inside become one sunny space. Clean up your garden or balcony to prepare it for hangout sessions, put down some soft cushions, and place candles on the table so you can sit outside until the late hours of the evening. Lastly, invest in some nice greenery: with hanging plants, you almost feel like you're outdoors when you walk through your home.

Autumn is all about making it cozy

After a long, hot summer it is kind of nice to throw on a wooly sweater and sit on the couch with a blanket on your lap. Make your home autumn-proof with warm tones and soft fabrics. An extra blanket on the couch works wonders, but don't forget to light some scented candles or decorate your home with painted pumpkins and dried leaves! The colors orange, brown, gold, green and yellow work very well to welcome autumn into your interior.

Christmas and New Year's Eve

Toward the end of the year, it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations from the attic. From an inflatable Santa (in Dutch: opblaasbare kerstman) in the front yard to a big Christmas tree in the house, there is no shortage of festive vibes! It's the perfect way to slowly count down to the moment when you can start your Christmas dinner with the whole family in your Christmas costume (in Dutch: kerstkostuum). You don't always have to go wild with fake snow on your windows or Christmas socks over the fireplace. There are also subtle ways to get your home ready for winter. The candles from the fall decor can stay, as can the wool blankets on the couch. However, bring in a little more red with accessories, this will make it look like a Christmas palace! Or go for a little more bling: silver, gold and glitter are not to be missed during the New Year's Eve party.



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